CCTV For Factories

CCTV For Factories

What CCTV For Factories excels at is installing CCTV in factories to help protect them from breakages and other workplace issues. Thieves are constantly attacking factories and their storage facilities. Raw commodities such as copper and aluminium are in jeopardy. In the event of a break-in, video surveillance systems can help protect factories.

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Security cameras For Factories

Meanwhile, many factories maintain a top-secret database, rely on a customer list, and import or trade prices maintained in computers to stay competitive in the market. A thorough monitoring system can help you protect your materials and staff while also allowing you to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Crime Deterrence — Installing and publicly displaying security cameras can effectively deter theft, and in the worst-case situation, if your factory is stolen, the surveillance camera system will undoubtedly assist police in identifying the offender, as well as give proof in court. CCTV For Factories offer PTZ cameras and Thermal Imaging cameras when needed.

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Benefits of Factory Video Surveillance

Workplace safety – A factory can install surveillance cameras near dangerous machinery, reducing the risk of worker injury while yet allowing them to monitor the situation. Surveillance systems keep employees safe and give evidence in the event of a Work Cover claim. As a result, all modern factories have installed surveillance cameras as a safety measure.

Quality Control – The advancement of network AI cameras is transforming the way quality control is carried out in factories. Smart intelligent camera, machine learning, and autoanalysis system can help you read a label on a package, compare it to your quality standard, and alert you to a flaw, as well as enhance manufacturing processes and worker performance.

CCTV Cameras for Factories Near Me

CCTV for Factories Near Me

Remote monitoring – A Network Video Recorder allows you to record locally or access footage over the internet, allowing you to oversee the entire factory from a central control room and access it at any time from anywhere in the globe. If your business has a huge plant or several sites, centralised management can help you save money on management. In addition, instead of being limited by foot patrol, security officers can execute their tasks in a larger area thanks to the surveillance system.

When compared to a traditional analogue system, a Hikvision network camera system is simple to install and maintain. If your manufacturing building has a network cabling system, you can use the existing cable to connect your new IP-based surveillance system.

CCTV Cameras for Factories Near Me

Risks Analysis For CCTV Cameras in Factories

Privacy – CCTV For Factories makes every effort to protect our clients’ privacy by adhering to The Surveillance Devices Act 2007, which prohibits cameras from being installed in public areas such as administrative, manufacturing, or office areas, as well as restrooms, break rooms, and other areas protected by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

Outages — Electrical surges and power disturbances, whether intentional or unintentional, will disrupt recording or even damage your system, leaving the factory vulnerable to break-ins without any security measures in place. We strongly advise our client to consider installing a UPS system in the event of a power outage.

Damage — Cameras put in manufacturing or high-traffic areas may be damaged by moving machinery or cars. CCTV For Factories protect these cameras throughout the design phase by carefully selecting installation locations.

CCTV Cameras for Factories Near Me

Configuration Guide for CCTV In factories

Because each sector has its own set of standards and regulations, factories can vary greatly. An onsite non-obligatory inspection is strongly suggested to provide adequate information to our professional design team for the best result when designing a factory security camera system. When picking a video surveillance system, think about the following factors and discuss them with your designer:

How long do you think you’ll need the surveillance equipment to record for? In a new or improved system, how many cameras are required? What resolution rate are you looking for? Are there any places where the cameras may be mounted? Is there a system or network facility that could be used? Your budget for a new system or an upgrade to an existing one. Is it possible to complete the job while the plant is closed to avoid additional harmful conditions for the installer?

CCTV Cameras for Factories Near Me

Installation of CCTV Cameras in A factory

Installing security cameras in a large factory is difficult since most companies operate for long periods of time with many personnel and machines moving. A comprehensive design is necessary prior to installation to mark the positions to be installed, with view angles validated by the factory’s operation staff. Our designer at CCTV For Factories will also explore the many options for completing the installation.

At CCTV For Factories we have a lot of expertise with large factory installations, and there are occasions when there is no way to place a camera in a cost-effective manner. After the exact design is completed, we will work with the operations team to choose the best time for the installation. CCTV For Factories prefer to do it while the factory is closed to avoid excessive traffic and potential risk during cabling and installation.

At CCTV For Factories we also offer CAT5 and Cat6 cabling. If you decide to give us a call we can come and give you a free quote for your Factory.

CCTV Cameras for Factories Near Me

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