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At Caravan Park CCTV Specialists, we pride ourselves on offering and supplying the latest security systems on the market and offering the best service that money can buy. With over 25 years in the caravan park CCTV services, you know you are in safe hands.

Our specialised security services for log cabin sites are also tailored to caravan and holiday parks. Utilising our experience of working with park managers our caravan and holiday park CCTV systems are the perfect solutions for managers looking to secure entry points into the park, car parks, shared kitchen facilities and common areas.

Our expansive range of products means we have a camera to suit any application. Caravan Park CCTV Specialists acusence IP Darkfighter Camera range is perfectly tailored to capture vehicles entering or exiting your site in low light environments, while our range of Hikvision and Dahua vandal-proof IP PTZ auto-tracking domes is the perfect solution for common areas around your park and offices.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


One of the greatest benefits to managers and staff are the multiple platforms like mobile app, web browser and software for PC and MAC that allow our clients to view live footage and review saved footage from multiple workstations and does not limit you to a single screen in the back office.

Our full range of IP CVI, AHD and TVI cameras and Network Video Recorders all come with a 3-year replacement warranty. It is important to ensure that when purchasing a CCTV system you are getting true 4K 8MP quality, all Hikvision IP cameras are 1080P minimum with the latest range now 4K and 8K HD quality ensuring that our cameras are the market leaders.

The CCTV system provides peace of mind in today’s ever-changing world. As technology moves forward, so have Caravan Park CCTV Specialists. As well as standard CCTV systems At Caravan Park CCTV Specialists now install IP high definition (4KHD) AI cameras which give excellent image quality compared to the earlier analogue technology cameras. From Yorkshire across Lancashire to Teesside and throughout Nottinghamshire, Caravan Park CCTV Specialists will be there to help.

Our engineers at v have received training from one of Europe’s largest CCTV distributors enabling efficient installation and maintenance of any CCTV system in the Yorkshire and Humberside area and across the United Kingdom.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


Whilst acting as a deterrent, CCTV security systems also provide continuous monitoring and surveillance. They record images that can be used in a court of law. They also offer you, your customers and your staff peace of mind.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists offers a wide variety of market-leading CCTV security systems ranging from home CCTV cameras to complex security camera systems for caravan parks. Caravan Park CCTV Specialists can also build bespoke CCTV security systems to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a single outdoor security camera for your holiday home or comprehensive CCTV security systems for your office on-site in the caravan park, rest assured that we will provide everything you need.

CCTV cameras for on site management will be a life saver to keep everyone on site safe and secure. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of remote site management from your office with our “On-Site Cameras” there is no going back! Fixed lens, 360 Degree Views or Auto Track and zoom functions. Caravan Park CCTV Specialists offer a wide range of units perfect for on-site management and surveillance for arcades, parks, swimming baths and all caravan park entertainment areas.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


Sadly theft & vandalism are very real problems on many building sites and your site is no different Caravan Park CCTV Specialists can help. With DIY turnkey surveillance and security alarm kits ready to go! Getting security in place early is the key and shows potential intruders you’re serious. It’s a bit like 3 houses in a street and 2 have service systems … the 3rd one is then easy picking! Don’t wait until something happens prevention is always the best option.

Theft statistics are going up in the United Kingdom and the tougher things get … the more it happens, but you can help prevent being the next target with Caravan Park CCTV Specialists Security & Surveillance Camera Solutions, which offer very cost-effective remote CCTV Security Surveillance equipment for short and long term installations!

Log in from your phone, 24 Hours a day & check to see what’s happening with a 24 Hour HD Video Stream. Don’t miss a thing! We do all the work for you! If there’s one thing we know at Caravan Park CCTV Specialists… it’s security cameras!

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


As you know Caravan Park CCTV Specialists specialise in caravan & holiday park cctv Caravans and holiday parks have a large amount of public traffic coming through them in a small area meaning there is a high potential for accidents and crime.

Our industry-leading CCTV system will improve surveillance and security around your holiday park, helping deter crime and monitor any accidents that occur on-site. 24-hour surveillance will help protect valuable assets that may be on your sites such as caravans, lodges and equipment.

what Caravan Park CCTV Specialists offer caravan & holiday park businesses

  • Amazing service
  • 20+ years experience
  • Wealth of knowledge
  • 3 years warranty
  • benefits of caravan & holiday park cctv
  • Internal Holiday Park CCTV
  • Monitor Employees
  • Hikvision and Dahua
  • PTZ Auto Tracking Cameras
  • Colour At Night Images
Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


A caravan park is a large area and will have multiple employees to help run it, if they know they are being monitored it can help keep productivity high and also make sure they are not taking extended breaks in the quiet areas of the park.

Theft & Crime Prevention is what Caravan Park CCTV Specialists try help with. A CCTV system is a great way to prevent crime before it happens. Holidays parks can be a target for thieves as they know many holidaymakers leave valuables in their caravans and lodges. CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent too thieves and can also help prosecute if a crime is committed.

All our CCTV surveillance systems allow you to access them 24/7 so that you can monitor your holiday park no matter where you are. Caravan Park CCTV Specialists is a leading security-focused company providing professional installation and maintenance of Hikvison and Dahua CCTV systems for Holiday homes and caravan parks across Lincolnshire, Lancashire Nottinghamshire and most of the North of England.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an effective way of keeping an eye on your Holiday home, business and belongings. Caravan Park CCTV Specialists supply and install CCTV systems designed to suit to your holiday property and select from a comprehensive range of security cameras to be placed in optimal locations to ensure that your property is well covered. 

Security cameras from your CCTV system can be viewed and played back from multiple platforms over a local network, WiFi or the internet all at the same time. Apps for viewing your security cameras are available for phones and tablets through Apples App Store and the Google Play Store.

Internet browsers and video management software can also used to view footage. Multiple monitors or TV’s can be set in specific locations in your building for live viewing and control on your caravan site.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


Footage can be used as valuable evidence when incidents, accidents, breaches, vandalism or theft occurs. Additionally security cameras prove to be a major deterrent for thieves and burglars which provides greater peace of mind for your safety and your property.

  • Monitor movement around your property.
  • Playback CCTV footage and export it for evidence.
  • Monitor the traffic on and around your site.
  • A deterrent to thieves and anti-social behaviour
  • Encourage good behaviour from employees.
  • Remote viewing from multiple devices at the same time
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations
  • HIkvision security systems


CCTV cameras can be integrated into other security products, such as alarm systems or automated gates to open by licence plate recognition (LPR) in order to bring a further dimension of security to your Holiday Park.

Security camera systems can be as simple as needed. Whether you need a single camera with footage recorded only on the camera itself or hundreds of cameras recording to a network video recorder (NVR) or server depending on what is required to cover your caravan holiday resort. 

Specific cameras are capable of counting how many cars have driven onto a property or how many people have entered and exited an arcade, swimming pool or gym etc offering you valuable analytics. Storage within the network video recorder (NVR) can be increased to suit how many security cameras are recorded and how much footage history is stored.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists


  • IP and coaxial
  • Short and long range turrets
  • High zoom bullets
  • Vandal resistant dome
  • Discreet recessed dome
  • Number plate recognition
  • vehicle counting
  • People counting
  • Night vision
  • Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) with remote control
  • smart tracking Cameras


Get in contact with Caravan Park CCTV Specialists for a free, no-obligation site evaluation or quote. Our team at v are happy to help, we’re qualified technicians with first-hand industry experience.


As a local company, Caravan Park CCTV Specialists near me clearly understand the security challenges faced by local residents and businesses. Due to this fact, Caravan Park CCTV Specialists will visit your home or business to provide a free site survey and recommend the right CCTV system that will work for your property and budget. Additionally, every free site survey is followed by a no-obligation next-day written quotation, so you will know the exact cost of your CCTV installation.

Caravan Park CCTV Specialists

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CCTV Installation service installs CCTV Cameras across The united Kingdom From Blackburn, Bradford, Blackpool, Bolton, Chester, Crewe, Darlington, Derby, Durham, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax, Liverpool, Lincoln, Leeds, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oldham, Preston, Sheffield, Stockport, Sunderland, Warrington, Wakefield, Wigan, York.

Do you install cctv cameras for other businesses?

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CCTV Specialists also install IP prevalence cameras and PTZ cameras in schools, warehouses, stadiums, factories, pubs, clubs, Churches, Restaurants, hospitals, carparks, Hotels, Prisons and construction sites across the united kingdom. Wireless CCTV Cameras are available for Churches and Universities when needed.

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